About Us  
"Societies reward success but not many teach how to handle & overcome failure".

The Mandlik Welfare Trust, Karwar, was founded in the 2002 by the respectable members of the Mandlik Family who hail from a HOTAGALI, a small island 10 km away from the city of Karwar.
It all began when a few Mandlik’s along with their families decided to pay tribute to their ancestors at the family graveyard situated at HOTAGALI. Due to the fact that most of the Mandlik’s had migrated from Hotagali to other cities the ancestral graveyard was left unattended and it began to depreciate over the years literally leaving it in ruins. 


The distressing sight of the family graveyard was the inspiration behind The Mandlik Welfare Trust. After accessing the damage, MR IRFAN MANDLIK put forth the idea of restoring the graveyard to his fellow family members. Word was then extended to every Mandlik family member and their relatives who willingly agreed to the proposition and soon funds were accumulated and the Ancestral Graveyard was restored to its former glory.


The Mandlik’s did not stop there, at first they used the funds to help their lesser privileged family members. Then they extended a helping hand to other underprivileged and needy members of society and other communities in a numerous ways like organizing medical drives and camps to help anyone in need.


Helen Keller said "Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it." When the Mandlik’s faced their first obstacle, lack of funds, they decided that the trust needed a professional approach if it wanted to reach out and help a larger section of society. The immediate step taken was registering The Mandlik Welfare Trust under the 80G Income Tax Act. This tax exemption would benefit any individual willing to make a donation and help the charity gather funds as well.
Today the trustees running The Mandlik Welfare Trust are seasoned and experienced in handling important welfare matters and are ready to take on many challenging assignments for the betterment of the deprived and needy members of society.

Aim & Objectives
  • Extend support to communities of all castes and creed.
  • Create direct and indirect employment for the poor
  • Give scholarships to underprivileged students
  • Provide Pension to Widows
  • Build an old age home
  • Build a state of the art hospital with modern facilities in Karwar (there aren't any ultra modern medical facilities available at the moment in Karwar)
Registration No. M-128/12A & 80G/CIT/MNG/2010-11